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Utilizing the Power of RRSP’s to Expand Your Wealth Opportunities in Real Estate

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Most Canadians are well aware of the value of investing in your RRSP’s every year.  But, are your RRSP investments working at their full potential?  Are you certain that the performance of your RRSP investments will allow you to achieve your retirement goals?


Most Canadians are satisfied to have their RRSP investment sit in various mutual funds earning relatively low rates of return.  There are alternative strategies available that can help accelerate your earnings and help ensure you enjoy the retirement you have dreamt about.


What about investing your RRSP funds in real estate?  While there are certain rules you must follow, you can use your registered funds to invest real estate.  The simple form is through the creation of a self-directed investment account.  Through a self directed account, you can expand the opportunities to invest your RRSP’s, well beyond the traditional mutual funds, stocks or bonds.


Commercial real estate is a great example of the type of investment you can expand the wealth generating power of your RRSP funds, while maintaining the tax advantages of registered savings funds. You simply direct your self-directed account custodian to invest your funds to specific deals.  Mada Capital is a great example of a bond within which you can invest your RRSP, TFSA and RRIF funds.  The interest earned on your bonds can be reinvested in your registered account, maintaining your traditional tax savings advantages, while increasing wealth for your retirements.


Don’t wait ’til your close to retirement to make this type of decision.  Using a self-directed RRSP fund to invest in real estate will have the greatest impact if your start earlier in your investment career.  Contact us today to find out how investing your registered savings funds through Mada Capital can help you on your journey to wealth creation and a comfortable retirement.

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