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Market Volatility and the Advantage of Real Estate Investing

Market Volatility and the Advantage of Real Estate Investing

Can you remember a time when the markets were so volatile and unpredictable?  The world appears to be facing unprecedented upheaval with the war in Ukraine, humanitarian/refugee crises, soaring fuel prices and general security under threat. Here’s some of the highlights I read the headlines in Bloomberg April 19 2022 today: “75 an option” […]

rent control and real estate investing

Rent Control and Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing involves the analysis of a myriad of factors that may affect the overall success of your project. Some of those considerations include: price, location, opportunity for adding value, type of neighborhood and rents for similar properties, just to name a few. But, for this blog we want to briefly focus on the […]

Real Estate Investing In High Inflation Markets

Real Estate Investing In High Inflation Markets?

Recently we wrote a blog about the role real estate investing can play in protecting your capital during times of high inflation. One of the driving factors of high inflation in recent years is the incredible bubble of real estate growth. In recent years we’ve seen annual increases in real estate prices as high as […]

hedge against inflation

Is Real Estate a Good Shield During High Inflationary Times?

Amongst all of the other difficulties imposed on most of the world from the Covid pandemic, rising inflation is perhaps the most troubling economic effect. We have all observed inflation in action in a very basic way with rising food, fuel, and energy prices. One of the key impacts of inflation is the overall reduced […]