Mada Capital Bond Fund

Invest in Philadelphia with Our Private Real Estate Fund

About The Fund

Our Mada Capital Bond Fund is a private real estate fund that helps people invest in US real estate (Philadelphia) while maintaining all of the advantages of investing in normal registered investment vehicles. The Fund focuses on investing in a wide portfolio of real estate investment opportunities in Philadelphia through its US development partner. 

Investment Activities

The Mada Capital Bond Fund’s growth is achieved through various investment activities including: Qualified Opportunity Zone Developments, Commercial and Mixed-Use Developments, Townhome and Condo Sales, Portfolio Sales and more.

Investment Highlights

  • Diversified Capital Investment Approach
  • Quarterly Distributions
  • $10,000 Canadian Minimum Investment RRSP, TFSA and LYRA eligible

Our goal is to provide an alternative traditional product, such as mutual funds, and the low returns offered on savings bonds and savings accounts. We want to help our investors build stable returns through strategic real estate investments.


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How does Mada Capital Fund Work?

Mada Capital is an investment fund that raises capital to invest in US real estate. More specifically, Mada Capital invests in real estate projects located in Philadelphia.

  • Investors’ capital is placed in a pool of funds for the sole purpose of investing in real estate projects in Philadelphia PA.
  • Investor funds are used to invest in multiple investment projects throughout the lifetime of the fund, from new construction, single family home flips to larger multi-family rentals.
  • Mada Partners Capital Inc. pays quarterly distributions to investors.
  • Interest earned on the investment is sheltered from taxes in the same way any other registered fund works, including RRSPs, RESPs, RRIFs and TFSAs.

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