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We Help Medical Professionals To Invest in Real Estate

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At Mada Partners, our goal is to help you achieve your wealth goals, while allowing you to focus on caring for your patience and growing your practice.

Who We Are?

Real Estate Investment for Medical Professional
Mada Partners was founded as a real estate investment company. Working closely with our US real estate developer, we at Mada Partners work to locate potential real estate investment opportunities. We maintain constant communication with our US developer throughout all steps of the real estate development process from land acquisition, construction, stabilization and long-term asset management. Mada Partners’ real estate investments focuses on projects that gentrify neighborhoods to restore them to their intended beauty. We invest in single family and multi-family properties throughout various neighborhoods with the intention of revitalizing communities and encouraging home ownership. Our mission is to invest in real estate projects that will rejuvenate neighborhoods and improve the overall quality of housing for the residents, while building wealth for investors.

Why Should Medical Professionals Invest in Real Estate?

Real Estate Investment for Medical Professional
Real Estate has a high tangible asset value
Real Estate provides better returns than the stock market without as much volatility
Real Estate Investment for Medical Professional
Real Estate Investment for Medical Professional
Real Estate values will always increase over time.
Multifamily investing into Class B properties has shown to be recession resilient compared to other commercial asset classes.
Real Estate Investment for Medical Professional
An investment in Real Estate can also diversify your portfolio.
Real Estate Investment for Medical Professional
Real Estate Investment for Medical Professional
Last but not least, Real Estate investing comes with numerous tas benefits.

Strategy For Achieving Your Wealth Goals

Real Estate Investment for Medical Professional

Why Choose Mada Partners?

Established Track Record

Mada Partners has an established track record of real estate investing. We focus our investments with developers who have extensive experience and a strong reputation in real estate development.

Hands-On Approach

We take a hands-on approach to real estate investing to provide our investing partners greater piece of mind about the success of their specific projects. We even regularly invest alongside our partners.
  • I am a physician, and I went through a steep learning curve in real estate and finance.
  • Generally, physicians are very busy professionals. Thus, picking the right investment takes time and extensive due diligence.
  • Professional comradery and hard earned real estate knowledge automatically draws me towards medical community to share my knowledge, and create an opportunity for mutual growth.
  • Physicians hold high-paying jobs and are qualified accredited investors, which makes the investment somewhat non-sentimental, well-assessed, objective, and risk tolerable.
  • Every project is different, depending on the market conditions, the appropriate strategies and myriad of other factors the returns will vary.

    We primarily do Real Estate Syndications. Based on the size and requirements of a project, we could either be a passive investor, or a sponsor-operator.
    Yes, in order to invest in our real estate investment projects, you must be a qualified accredited investor.

    We always encourage people to do their own research and learn about the advantages of real estate investing; however, most people find that assembling a team of qualified lawyers, real estate agents, tax attorneys, architects and developers, takes an enormous amount of time and effort. However, with our team we take care of everything. Instantly you have access to our extensive network of professionals, our combined 30 years experience.