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Mada Capital Fund Invests in 17 Unit Apartment Building in Brewerytown, Philadelphia

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Mada Capital is proud to announce its most recent investment in a 17 unit apartment building in the burgeoning community known as Brewerytown in Philadelphia, PA.  Our analysis of this investment, particularly in this community, suggests that the completion of this project will yield promising economic returns.  This project is under construction in a neighbourhood, where our development partners, Argo Property Group (Argo), have had great success over more than half a decade.

Brewerytown is a community that has seen positive growth and redevelopment in recent years.  Mada Capital Fund’s investment in this particular project is expected to capitalize on the continued growth in the neighbourhood and realize upon Argo’s in-depth knowledge, experience and understanding of Brewerytown development strategies.


  • 17-unit apartment building is located in the heart of desirous Brewerytown
  • This building is part of a larger complex of apartment buildings along the same street, known as the Milk Depot
  • The Milk Depot will provide common amenity space for all of the buildings in the complex, including a community room, fitness center, bike storage, and a roof deck.

ABOUT Mada Capital Fund

Mada Capital is a private real estate fund that invests in US real estate development in Philadelphia, PA. Mada Capital focuses on investing in a portfolio of mid-to-low density residential rental properties in Philadelphia. 

Raise capital by offering investors the ability to deploy their Sheltered RRSP,RESP,TFSA,RRIF and Cash Investments to a mix pool of investments funds. Identify Strategic opportunities in the mid to low density project to invest Mada Capital funds. Payout returns to investors.



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