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Who We Are?

Real estate investments for Lawyers
Mada Partners was founded as a real estate investment company. Working closely with our US real estate developer, we at Mada Partners work to locate potential real estate investment opportunities. We maintain constant communication with our US developer throughout all steps of the real estate development process from land acquisition, construction, stabilization and long-term asset management. Mada Partners’ real estate investments focuses on projects that gentrify neighborhoods to restore them to their intended beauty. We invest in single family and multi-family properties throughout various neighborhoods with the intention of revitalizing communities and encouraging home ownership. Our mission is to invest in real estate projects that will rejuvenate neighborhoods and improve the overall quality of housing for the residents, while building wealth for investors.

Why Should Lawyers Invest in Real Estate

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Strategy For Achieving Your Wealth Goals

Assess your current situation and opportunities
Roadmap your way to achieve your financial goals
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Shield your high income from excessive taxes
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Succeed by harnessing the power of real estate
What Our Investors Are Saying…

I have known both Mat and David for a few years and I have been investing with Mada Partners for about a year. I’ve been very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge of Real Estate. They strive to be ethical and transparent and have provided regular updates to demonstrate their streamlined process. I am very satisfied with my investment and I would suggest that you check them out. They are always willing to share their knowledge and experiences!


Living in a major city in Canada, investing in the local real estate market, the opportunities have become few and far between. Working with MADA Partners makes it easy to invest in another country without having to figure things out on my own. They take the headache out of this potentially tricky and risky endeavour. With the weekly updates I receive from MADA, I am confident my investments will do well in the Philadelphia real estate market.


    With over 30 years of combined expertise and proven real estate investment systems, our team is more than happy to share with you our strategies and resources to partner up and tackle some epic real estate projects!

    Our partners are a highly qualified team of architects, general contractors and project managers with a skilled network of top notch professionals in the industry to ensure all projects perform on target.

    Every project is different, depending on the market conditions, the appropriate strategies and myriad of other factors the returns will vary.

    Generally real estate offers significant tax advantages, but we suggest you consult with an independent CPA to learn how you can leverage real estate’s tax advantages.

    Real estate tends to be a fairly illiquid asset. However, our team will do everything it can to ensure your exit If possible, we may facilitate The project and can be marketed to another investor or will use our network of top performing agents who have a history and track record to get the job done.

    In general real estate has less volatility than the stock market. As with all investments, there is always some risk associated with this venture. Just like investing in the stock market, there are no guarantees. The major risk elements are vacancy, maintenance expenses and trying to sell in a down real estate market. This is why we like to stick to new constructions as you can control the maintenance expenses and we typically have a 10 year exit strategy for all our properties.

    We always encourage people to do their own research and learn about the advantages of real estate investing; however, most people find that assembling a team of qualified lawyers, real estate agents, tax attorneys, architects and developers, takes an enormous amount of time and effort. However, with our team we take care of everything. Instantly you have access to our extensive network of professionals, our combined 30 years experience.

    We pride ourselves in having an outstanding performance record delivering top-level results. But how do we protect your money?
    Each project is purchased through a limited liability company(LLC). An LLC provides its members with a multitude of advantages over investing in a project personally. We suggest you consult with an independent highly skilled attorney that can demonstrate the advantages of investing through an LLC.