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The holiday season is upon us!  Despite all of the doom and gloom of 2020, we at Mada Partners prefer to focus our attention on and accentuate the positive.  We have all made it through the year happy and healthy.  Our families are doing well.

Despite a slow-down in the economy, we have continued to work with our partners to complete many constructions projects.  We are extraordinarily excited about a plethora of new projects that we will be launching in 2021.

As the year comes to a close, we want to recognize those people who have been so critical to our success in 2020.

First, and foremost, we are grateful to our families.  These are the people who stand by us through thick and thin.  Our wives and our children inspire us to be better people.  Thank you.

We are so grateful for our advisors, legal, financial and real estate professionals. Your guidance was key to making sure we navigated the trials and tribulations of the crazy world in 2020.

Our partners in Philadelphia hold a special place in our hearts.  You have been our eyes and ears on the ground while we have all been socially isolated.  Our partners have been amazing about walking through projects while video conferencing with us to help keep us up to date about everything that’s been going on.  Moreover, our partners have been in constant touch, daily, about our projects.  We thank you!  We are excited about coming back to visit our friends in Philly in 2021!

Most importantly, we are eternally grateful to our investors.  You have trusted us to help you grow your wealth.  Even in the face of Covid 19 and the resulting economic impacts world-wide, you stayed with us and, I dare say, we proved the ongoing value of real estate investing.  In the coming year, we are extremely excited about all of the projects we have to offer you and our new incoming investors.

At Mada Partners we realize that 2020 has been a difficult year.  We look forward to a much better year as 2021 progresses.

We at Mada Partners want to wish everybody happy and healthy holidays.  We wish for you a year ahead filled with joy, love, laughter and success

David Capra

The Wealthy Lawyer

About the author

President & Founder at Mada Partners & Managing Partner at Langevin More Smith LLP and I help guide high-income earners like lawyers, dentists & entrepreneurs increasing their wealth by using real estate to enjoy a more balanced life with more time.