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investing in canada real estate
Capital Preservation without the volatility of the stock market
investing in canada real estate
Cash Flow through strong quarterly investor distributions
investing in canada real estate
Equity Appreciation with experienced and efficient operators
investing in canada real estate
Tax Advantages through real estate equity positions
What is Mada Capital Fund?
Our Mada Capital Fund is a private real estate fund that helps people invest in US real estate (Philadelphia) while maintaining all of the advantages of investing in normal registered investment vehicles. The Fund focuses on investing in a wide portfolio of real estate investment opportunities in Philadelphia through its US development partner.
Expanding your Investment Portfolio through MADA Capital

Mada Capital is a fund designed to allow investors to diversify their RRSP,RESP,TFSA,RRIF and Cash investment in US Real estate.

The capital invested in the Mada Capital fund are pooled together and invested in a carefully curated and identified real estate investment opportunities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The principals at Mada Capital have developed a strong and trusting relationship with their preferred developer in Philadelphia, Argo PG LLC* (“Argo”). This relationship helps Mada Capital ensure robust and stable opportunities to invest capital from the Mada Capital Fund. In turn, we are able to offer investors strong returns on investment.

How Does Mada Capital Fund Work?
Mada Capital is an investment fund that raises capital to invest in US real estate. More specifically, Mada Capital invests in real estate projects located in Philadelphia.
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Expanding your Investment Portfolio through MADA Capital

Investment Highlights

Our goal is to provide an alternative traditional product, such as mutual funds, and the low returns offered on savings bonds and savings accounts. We want to help our investors build stable returns through strategic real estate investments.

Our Portfolio

Invest for Growth, Stay for Income

Opportunistic Returns
The Fund will capitalize on changing demographic trends, participating in ground-up development projects in areas where there is not enough supply to meet growing demand
Investments will be diversified throughout high-growth markets in Philadelphia, United States.
Tax-Efficient Income
Once the portfolio is stabilized, investors can receive a high-yield, tax-efficient income stream of between 7% and 9% of invested capital.
Become A Mada Capital Investor
Explore our safe and reliable real estate investment opportunities.
Potential Investment Opportunities
Mada Capital has access to a diversity of investment opportunities through its preferred developer, including: Qualified Opportunity Zone investments, commercial and mixed-use buildings, multifamily apartment buildings, single family townhomes and condo sales, and more.
real estate investment opportunities
Qualified Opportunity Zones Developments
real estate investment opportunities
Commercial and Mixed-Use Developments
real estate investment opportunities
Townhome and Condo Sales
real estate investment opportunities


We are committed to our clients and believe that the true value of our real estate investing services lies in the flexible consulting we provide our clients. Our services set new standards for professionalism, integrity, reliability and results. We are also committed to the constant improvement of our services, listening to the needs of our clients and partners and adapting to their feedback.

Our Team

Canadian Team




David has been engaged in real estate investing for over 10 years. His particular focus is “diamond-in-the-rough” properties – ones he knows, with a little elbow grease, will make for beautiful homes.


MATHIEU Laquerre


Having been a serial entrepreneur since he was 16, Mathieu started his career real estate investment in 2005 with a townhouse that needed rehabilitating. Since then, he has been involved with and closed dozens of deals.


Elliott MILEK

CFO and Accountant

Elliott is MADA Capital’s authority on corporate finance and a specialist in both US tax and Canada-US cross-border taxation. A graduate of the Sprott School of Business, he assists on all of Mada Capital’s accounting issues.

foreign investment in us real estate


Outside Counsel
and Advisor

foreign investment in us real estate

Sarah Queale


foreign investment in us real estate

Daniela Guglietta

Managing Director and Partner

US Team



Partner - Design & Development

David manages our development vision through planning and entitlement processes. David has experience with real estate planning, construction, and development and creatively integrates the design processes.



Partner - Finance & Management

Jeremy has experience in real estate deal structure and financing. He brings business management expertise to the team and is certified as a Project Management Professional & Professional in Ethics & Compliance.

The Long Vision
Mada Partners has an established track record of real estate investing. We focus our investments with our US developers who have extensive experience and strong reputation in Philadelphia real estate development.
We take a hands-on approach to real estate investing to provide our investing partners greater piece of mind about the success of their specific projects. Mada Partners regularly co-invests alongside our investing partners, thus ensuring a strong alignment of interests.
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Expanding your Investment Portfolio through MADA Capital

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