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We focus on investing in desirable properties that enable positive cash flow.


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We invest in multi-family, commercial and mixed use properties.

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About Mada Partners

Mada Partners was founded as a real estate investment company. Working closely with our US real estate developer, we at Mada Partners work to locate potential real estate investment opportunities where we believe the opportunity for growth and profit are strong. We also work with our clients to identify real estate investment opportunities that match their investment goals and interests.

We maintain constant communication with our US developer throughout all steps of the real estate development process from land acquisition, construction, stabilization and long-term asset management. Moreover, we maintain regular updates with our clients so they know everything that is happening with their investment project.

Our mission is to invest in real estate projects that will rejuvenate neighborhoods and improve the overall quality of housing for the residents, while building wealth for investors.

$100 Million in Real Estate Investments

The Long Vision

Mada Partners has an established track record of real estate investing. We focus our investments with our US developers who have extensive experience and strong reputation in Philadelphia real estate development.

We take a hands-on approach to real estate investing to provide our investing partners greater piece of mind about the success of their specific projects. Mada Partners regularly co-invests alongside our investing partners, thus ensuring a strong alignment of interests.

Building wealth is easy
with Mada Partners

The real estate market has plenty of opportunities – but it requires more attention to detail than investing in common stocks. Mada Partners helps you with:

  • Value-developed investment approach
  • Market research and insight
  • Identification of high quality properties
  • Hands-on strategic asset management

Client Testimonials

  • I have known both Mat and David for a few years and I have been investing with Mada Partners for about a year. I’ve been very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge of Real Estate. They strive to be ethical and transparent and have provided regular updates to demonstrate their streamlined process. I am very satisfied with my investment and I would suggest that you check them out. They are always willing to share their knowledge and experiences!

    Claude P.
    Private Investor
  • Living in a major city in Canada, investing in the local real estate market, the opportunities have become few and far between. Working with MADA Partners makes it easy to invest in another country without having to figure things out on my own. They take the headache out of this potentially tricky and risky endeavour. With the weekly updates I receive from MADA, I am confident my investments will do well in the Philadelphia real estate market.

    Stefano M.
    Project Partner

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